Why Whitney Wolfe Declined a $450 Million Buyout

$450 million sounds like a fortune to many people, but not to Whitney Wolfe. She turned down the Match Group’s offer to purchase brainchild Bumble because she is confident that she can lead her company to the pinnacle of success. She has a track record that inspires confidence that indeed she is headed for bigger achievements. Having co-founded Tinder at a tender age of 22 years, Wolfe was part of the team that made Tinder a success.

What is Bumble? Bumble is an innovative women-centric online matchmaking application that connects individuals on the look-out for romantic relationships. Bumble was founded four years ago by Whitney Wolf, a short period after she quit her job at Tinder. She has since devoted herself to Bumble, and her efforts have paid off. Bumble has acquired over 20 million registered users, and the App keeps attracting new users every day. According to analysts, Bumble is the company to watch next year as its growth trajectory suggests that it will be earning over $150 million.

Bumble features some innovations that set it apart from its competitors. The App gives women the privilege of initiating conversations with people that appeal to them, this cutoff unnecessary ’’cat-calling’’ within the App. To the amusement of Bumble fans, Whitney has rolled out a new product—Bumble BFF. The product is set to allow Bumble users to increase their circle of buddies. Whitney demonstrated that innovations are unlimited when she announced plans to introduce Bumble Bizz, a product designed for professional purposes such as search as job hunting.

Whitney has been described as a visionary woman. According to Andrey Andreev, Bumble’s majority stakeholder, Whitney’s vision was beyond providing a dating platform. True to his word, Whitney has geared her efforts towards empowering women. For instance, the feature embedded in Bumble App that lets women make the first move offers some protection towards them. She is also an advocate against sexual abuse and discrimination, a role she demonstrated when she sued Tinder for unconducive work environment that discriminates against women. Whitney’s parents divorced when she was 17. However, she regularly communicates with both her parents.

About Whitney Wolfe: www.linkedin.com/in/whitney-wolfe-1791a299

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