What A Life Line Screening Appointment Entails

Life Line Screening is a company that provides health screenings at locations around the country. Getting a health screening is a great way to catch health problems early when they’re most treatable and manageable. Often times if you catch a problem early enough you can handle it by eating a better diet and getting more exercise.

At Life Line Screening they offer three different types of health screenings. The first one is an ultrasound screening which can look inside your body to find problems. An ultrasound can find problems such as carotid artery disease and, particularly important for women, a bone mineral density screening which shows how much they are at risk for osteoporosis.

The next screening is a finger-stick blood one. This shows important information such as cholesterol level, triglycerides, and glucose level which shows how much someone is at risk for diabetes. Finally, they offer a limited electrocardiograph screening which can detect abnormal heartbeats.

Getting ready for a Life Line Screening appointment isn’t that difficult to do. One thing that is important is to wear loose clothing. This includes wearing a short-sleeved shirt. The shirt should also open up at the collar for some of the tests. Some of the tests also require different periods of fasting beforehand, up to eight hours for one of them.

There are some things not to wear at your screening. This includes watches, lotion, and pantyhose. Another thing to be mindful of is your cell phone. This should be turned off as it can interfere with some of the medical equipment Screening and can also be a distraction.

The average health screening at Life Line Screening is about an hour. This includes the time it takes beforehand to fill out any necessary paperwork which can take several minutes. They also care about their patient’s privacy during these health screenings. The area where they do the screening has a privacy screen separating it from the area that serves as a waiting room. Patients also do not need to remove any of their clothing except their shoes and socks.

About Life Line Screening: www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Life-Line-Screening-Reviews-E647033.htm

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