Wengie and Her Life in Drawings


The video talks about her life, starting when she was a baby that didn’t like to eat. Wengie talks about negotiating with her grandfather for ice cream as much as possible, as her nanny and grandparents looked after her until she was four. Her parents had gone on to Austria to try and build their life and she cried when she saw her parents for the first time because she was scared. Her parents were pretty poor so she had to be innovative when it came to playing with toys so she became a bit of a tomboy growing up/


Her parents struggled and scrimped to save money. They moved to a nicer place in Sidney when she was seven years old. Wengie was quite shy in school and struggled with social skill problems. She tried hard to make friends and have an active social life. But Wengie found it easier to chat to random strangers on various chat rooms and soon made her own website to showcase her anime drawings.


When she was in high school her mother got pregnant with her soon-to-be-brother. Wengie wanted to be a fashion designer or a graphic designer but she got a scholarship for accounting to help her family out because they were still struggling. Unfortunately, accounting wasn’t her passion, so she decided to resign and moved on to become a social media consultant. The video shows Wengie “drawing her life” as she talks to viewers about everything that has happened to her so far.


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