Vincent Parascandola Rises To The Top

AXA Advisors has seen many leaders in the managerial docket, but Vincent Parascandola is one manager who has made the greatest impact the history of the organization. The experience that he possesses was gained over a period of 25 years while working for other agencies such as MONY Life Insurance and Prudential.


Vincent has become a renowned leader in the area of financial management. He does not only look out for himself, but he also ensures that those who surround him can be able to feel the impact of his experience and skill. At AXA Advisors, his Senior Executive Vice President position comes with many responsibilities that range from hiring and firing employees who are not productive. Additionally, one of the important tasks that he treasures in the organization is coaching the developing talent that is contained in the company. Visit Pocomuseum to knowmore.


He ensures that those whose interests solely lie in finance can understand the various requirements in life that make one a great financial advisor. Through coaching young talented persons, he has been able to produce leaders who continue to impact the financial industry positively. Vinny started engaging himself in financial matters back in 1987, and it is while working at Prudential that Vinny was able to see his vast potential.


After being recognized as the national Rookie of the year, Vincent Parascandola was motivated, and he was able to put more effort towards ensuring that he can succeed in more areas of finance. Due to his desire for a bigger challenge in life, Vinny joined MONY Life Insurance, where he chaired various managerial dockets before proceeding to AXA Advisors. Check out his Vimeo account to see more.


AXA Advisors provides clients with financial management services, and it prides itself on the fact that it has been able to deliver financial services for a long time over a broad base of clients. Additionally, AXA Advisors provides its clientele with insurance services, thereby, protecting the critical assets that people may feel are too valuable. Many awards have been given to Vincent Parascandola, and the most notable one is the GAMA Career Development Award, which honors his efforts of trying to develop more financial advisors in the society.

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