Vegan lip balms score well with customers

EOS Lip Balm is one of the top selling lip balms on the market, and their two newest products, the vegan Crystal lip balms, were introduced recently, and sold out in less than one day! I really wasn’t surprised. EOS Lip Balm burst onto the scene in 2010, and for the last seven years, the brand has continuously disrupted the oral care market.

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I buy the bright little orbs because the lip balm flavors are really great! My favorite has always been Passion Fruit, but one of the new vegan lip balms, Hibiscus Peach, is my new go-to lip balm. The second vegan flavor, Vanilla Orchid, is also fantastic. They feel smooth on your lips, and also taste good, all terrific flavors can be found here on EOS Lip Balms have long been an industry leader, but with the introduction of the new vegan flavors, even more people are becoming loyal EOS customers. EOS Lip Balms have always been made with all natural, completely organic ingredients, and did contain natural beeswax. Though a wonderful product, the natural wax isn’t vegan, and that was literally the only ingredient that kept the lip balms from being vegan, click here. With so many people embracing a plant-based lifestyle, it was a brilliant idea for EOS Lip Balms to develop a smooth, delicious and beeswax free lip balm line. The company did, and consumers love it.

EOS Lip Balms are the second highest selling lip balm in the marketplace today. When it hit shelves nearly a decade ago, EOS Lip Balms shocked competitors by its instant popularity. Millennials were attracted to the lip balm because EOS Lip Balms smartly abandoned the plain boring tubes of lip balm with generic flavors in favor of colored packaging, great flavors and an excellent price. EOS Lip Balms sell for around $5 each, easily affordable for every customer.

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    When you have a good marketing team that are working all round the clock, success is then inevitable and that is what EOS brand is enjoying now. Seeing more with dissertation writing service there competitors in the lip balm business will have reasons to be scared of what lies in wait for them. They are in the business of making quality product and that has taken a toll on their reputation as well.

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