Uses and Successes of the E-Governe Program

E-governe is a government sponsored health help organization whose aim is to make the management of the Municipal and State Health Secretariats, among the most problematic responsibilities of Public Administration, run in a more functional, simple and economical manner. To improve the quality of services given to patients, the system used incorporates the powerful aspects derived from a powerful clinical and dental chart, healthcare units and the health sector. With this, there is a better scheduling of appointments as well as reducing service queues and delay of service delivery. E-governe Saude is in charge of planning all specialized consultations and examinations, application of vaccines and distributing stocks of medicines from where they are manufactured. With the help of government materials, E-governe also performs hospital and bed control, management of financial resources and ambulatory control.

In many ways, E-governe has had very many benefits to the health sector. The program has brought forth the control of the flow of patients from other municipalities as a result of its functional schedule scheme. Similarly, it has enable control over the businesses done between municipalities or between state and municipalities. The health organization has regionalized attendance and efficiently managed financial transfers. The main benefit of the E-governe program, though, is the improvement of the organization in healthcare units, which includes correcting dimensioning, improving work processes and enabling the structuring of the schemes that bring attention to Health.

Due to its successes, the E-governe system has been coveted by many and requests have been sent to implement it in many other areas. The Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI) is implementing the program and it will be installed in City Hall. To speed up the implementation process, training will be conducted and it will involve servers of various branches of the Municipality of Teresina. This will be under the guidance of Miguel Oliveira – the President of the Teresinense Data Processing Company who has also had meetings to plan the implementation process on The aim of the city hall is to expand the system and in that way improve service to the public by analyzing suggestions, quicker reaction to population demands and monitoring of municipality services.

The Municipality of Osasco, which is part of the greater Sao Paulo, is also enjoying the services of E-governe. The Brazilian municipality recently signed a deal with The Instituto Curitiba de Informatica. ICI will be responsible for supplying the municipality with computer apparatus as well as implementation of a call center and installation of a logical and electrical network. In education, E-governe will cover all 138 schools in Osasco as all the educational administrative offices. In this way, the education sector will be secured with integrity and security of data. Again, information such as management reports will be availed through the internet. Other benefits include ensuring agility in meeting demands of units, minimizing rework and control access to available information among many others. By making these improvements, many other developments will be smoothed and in the long-term make the municipality a better place.

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