The Success of Lime Crime

For a makeup brand that is truly unique from other makeup brands, Lime Crime is a suggested brand that was made with the people in mind and to bring out the beautiful features in every single individual. Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere, a businesswoman has has created a brand to be worn not as a brand to cover up blemishes, but to be worn as a brand that accentuates the confidence and the beauty of every single individual. Doe Deere has a love for creativity and has made sure that the people that she sells her products to are individuals who have a say in what she sells. Thanks to Doe Deere, both men as well as women look forward to putting on makeup in the morning and looking as confident as ever with bright and bold colors that definitely stand out in a crowd of people.


Doe Deere is an individual who has always loved creativity. Even as a young girl, Doe Deere has fond memories of playing with her friends and playing dress up with her mother’s clothing. Doe Deere also remembers putting makeup on her friends that, though not professional, has been remembered as some of the best times in her childhood. In present day, Doe Deere often reflects that she feels lucky that she has found a career path that has not only been successful, but that has also never felt like a job. Doe Deere believes that the key to success is doing exactly what one is passionate about.


Doe Deere has created a makeup brand that has been centered around the people. Doe Deere has created an internet-based brand due to the fact that she wants to make sure that the people have a say in the products that she sells. This business plan has not only kept Doe Deere’s products of the highest quality, but has also made sure that Doe Deere has remained humble even with her success. Doe Deere has many plans for the future of Lime Crime and hopes to continue to build her brand all around the world.

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