The Rise of Roberto Santiago as an Excellent Entrepreneur and Sportsman

There are those people who literary get everything on a silver platter; then there are those like Roberto Santiago who believe in working their way up the ladder. Born in 1958 July the 16th in Joao Pessoa, Roberto grew up just like an average kid, going to school and being full of hope for a bright future. He attended the Pio X-Marist College before proceeding to join the University Center of Joao Pessoa to study business administration.



After the completion of his university studies, he did not jump the gun yet, as he went on to secure employment in the catering and hotel industry. At the time, he worked in Café Santa Rosa. After working for a considerable amount of time, he quit the industry and proceeded to practice in many other industries, before he finally realized his calling. He decided to venture into the cartonnage industry where he produced utilitarian packing boxes and also decorative products. This industry, according to Santiago, was the foundation of his business career. The business was outstanding, and it was after years of success that he went ahead to venture into the retail industry.



Santiago is the owner of Manaira based in Joao Pessoa, a renowned top modern shopping mall in Brazil. And if you think that he rents the land in which the mall sits, you will be farfetched. He owns the land himself, having bought it in 1987. He later developed that property for two years and built the overly hyped Manaira mall, which was launched in 1989.Inside the mall is a top-class theatre, concert hall, food court, an area for gaming, shopping stores, a college, a gym, and a financial institution.



In 2009, Domus Hall was incepted inside the mall. This was an area, large enough to host musical concerts, events such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, fairs, conferences, and exhibits. Domus hall is large enough to host up to 10,000 standing people and 4000 seated comfortably. As a hall, its walls are acoustically treated and it is air-conditioned. The chamber has the state of the art sound equipment. And in case of privacy, the two-storey hall has subdivided cabins to ensure privacy. This hall is famous for attracting regional and international performers and artists. Roberto also owns Mangeira shopping mall, which was established in 2013. The two malls have considerably seen the economic growth of the city of Joao Pessoa.



During his free time, Roberto engages in sports, involving himself on motorsports driving. He has won many kart and motocross championships. His passion, commitment, and hard work have enabled him to become a successful sportsman as well as a renowned entrepreneur in Brazil.



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