The Perfect EOS Lip Balm Gift

You have probably noticed these little egg-shaped chapsticks making appearances, whether it is in the hands of a celebrity in the tabloid or at the checkout counter at your local drugstore. These egg-shaped lip balms are EOS lip balms. EOS, which stands for evolution of smooth, creates products that are natural and soothing for all sort of skin types (including sensitive). The lip balms are the most popular and are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested. According to, they do not include parabens or petroleum, and are not tested on animals.

EOS lip balms make perfect gifts; they are small and affordable. Still, it is burdensome to find the right EOS lip balm for a friend as there are many to choose from, browse trending product here at The simple fact is that you can not go wrong with either; all are designed for all skin types and are fun and leave lips soft. However, if you want to choose one that is more personalized, the following are a description of the types.


Original= You can not go wrong with this type. It is what started it all. It’s simple formula is easy to apply, neutral, and comes in different flavors ranging from fruity to sweet to minty that anyone can enjoy.

Organic= Utilizes the same lovable formula that made everyone fall in love with the Original, just uses organic ingredients, available here.

Shimmer= This type is great for people attending a lot of social events or a night out. The shimmer type adds a bit of glitter (not too gaudy) that an add a little glamor to any face.

Activated= It contains SPF to protect against a wide spectrum of UV rays, making it a great candidate for the outdoorsy types.

Medicated= Especially great for lips that tend to get so chapped that they are sore. This type has medicinal qualities to rejuvenate any chapped lips.


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