The Other Side Of Jason Hope You Probably Didn’t Know

The name Jason Hope is synonymous with technological innovations and futurism. This may be emphasized by the fact that he is not only a founder and CEO of a successful technology company, Mobile Technology but also that he is probably one of the most vocal commentators of the latest trends in the technology circles.

Nonetheless, Jason is multi-faceted. Far from his entrepreneurial technological involvements, he is philanthropic and maintains deep interests in science and medical research as well as a rooted sense of belonging to his Arizona community. Here is a breakdown of these other sides of Hope you probably didn’t know to learn more: click here.

Jason hope and philanthropy

Despite running a highly successful technology company, Jason believes in the power of empowering other young entrepreneurs towards getting their technological start-ups off the ground. Jason believes that student entrepreneurs have some of the most amazing ideas with the ability to revolutionize global technology sphere.

However, most are not only capital starved but also can’t muster the confidence to approach leading venture capitalists for funding. To help them turn their technological concepts to reality, Jason set up a grant program that funds such brilliant ideas. He notes that in some cases, even a $500 grant has helped turn around the lives of some students.

Interests in medical research

While Jason’s firm belief on the internet of things is apparent, his conviction about the possibility of reversed aging may not be equally obvious. It would be important to note his substantial investments in SENS Research Foundation that specializes in rejuvenation biotechnologies and age-related illnesses. Just recently he donated $500,000 to the foundation for use in speeding up biotechnologies research.

Hope has also participated in numerous charitable fund drives for such other healthcare organizations across the country including the Family Health International as well as the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter.

Bottom line

Running a successful technology company hasn’t detached Jason from the society or alienated him from those that need him most. He has maintained social contacts with members of his community and also helped raise funds for charitable organizations as well as lift young and brilliant technologist to their feet.

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