The Evolution of Smoothness: An EOS Lip Balm Review

Everyone loves soft kissable lips, am I right?

For many of us lip care addicts, finding the best balm for the perfect pout can be a lifelong mission.

Well, time to abort – because the new vegan crystal flavored balm by EOS has saved the day.

This is the first 100% animal by-product free lip balm in the EOS line. The clear crystal balm comes packed with shea, coconut, and avocado oils leaving the beeswax behind this time for a purely vegan lip experience that still leaves lips with the luxuriously smooth pout fans have come to expect from EOS.

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Just checking – for someone else, of course.

The beauty about EOS, Evolution of Smooth, is that the smoothness does not have to just stop with your lips. The brand has a full line of products ranging from shaving creams to hand and body lotions. More fantastic stories here at

Even more exciting are the limited-edition holiday flavors EOS has graced fans with this year. Peppermint Cream, Peppermint Mocha, and Pumpkin Spice lip balms are sure to bring fans running to the brands’ website for a chance to own the holiday flavor favorites while they are still available, head over here.

Now with so many options from EOS, there is no limit to the evolution of smoothness one can experience.

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