Talking to Todd Lubar about his Success

A graduate of Syracuse University in Maryland, Todd Lubar has a lot to offer. Whether it’s in his line of work or about life, Todd Lubar is very experienced. He has a degree in speech communication. However, he has managed to specialize in another different field. Most of his investments are found in the real estate industry. Also, he has investments in the nightclub industry and demolition industry. One of his greatest marketing strategies is networking. From his early days after acquiring his first job, he started making connections, and this has proven successful. He manages to get the biggest contracts in the state of Maryland due to his connections.


In a recent interview, Todd Lubar talked about what it takes to be successful. He said the first step is dreaming. This is then followed by taking actions to fulfill your dreams. The things that he warns people about are procrastination and daydreaming. He agrees that there are creative people who have good plans but they cannot achieve their plans because they are afraid to fail. He has managed to become the leader in the real estate industry by joining forces with the best contractors and financing agencies that have a proven record of success. It took him many years to become profitable. He says that establishing a business venture is a hard thing that requires patience. He also calls for hard work and determination if you are to succeed in this life.


Being a family man who has a wife and two daughters, Todd Lubar has to start the day by having breakfast with his family. He says that he has to make sacrifices from his work just to be with his family. Among the things that define Todd Lubar is change. He says that it’s his wish to become a better person. For your to succeed in life, you must learn how to pay attention to details. These are the words of Todd Lubar. He has been inspired by a book called the Magic of Thinking Big. Lubar says that this is a book that can change your perception about general issues in life.


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