Success Academy and Summer Success

The innovative, successful approach to education that Success Academy utilizes doesn’t end with the advent of summer vacation. Many of their top students go on to pursue opportunities to further their learning with summer programs that continue to build upon the solid foundation that Success Academy is laying down. Summer can be a time for exploring new ideas and of course, a time for fun as well. Personal growth is certainly possible with the right opportunities.

One Success Academy high schooler is taking his love for animals and engaging in a prestigious school’s Veterinary Program. He relates that he’s always loved animals and is getting a jump on learning how to treat small household pets. He’s enrolled in the Cornell Summer College Veterinary Program and is a good example of a well-rounded student with a love of learning. Success Academy is proving to have strong abilities in producing these kinds of students.

This same student has shown motivation and a willingness to work hard to secure a position in the summer program. He wrote three essays and was able to secure one of only 80 spots in the program. He also plans on attending a one-week computer science camp after the Veterinary Program is finished.

Success Academy students are working very hard to realize significant opportunities in the summer months. Early in the season, they had secured over $100,000 in scholarships for summer programs. These opportunities are found throughout the US and even abroad.

The staff at Success Academy is encouraging and helpful to students pursuing summer options for meaningful endeavors. They approach summer with the same energy and enthusiasm as the rest of the school year. They are committed to helping students find and realize potential life-changing opportunities. College Admissions offices look with favor upon students pursuing their passion in life. Success Academy has their students well prepared to meet competitive rigors of college admissions.

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