Strategies Used by White Shark Media to Improve on its Service Delivery

White Shark Media is a marketing company that offers online solutions to marketing for both medium sized and small businesses. Since its launching, the company has received different feedback from its clients that include both positive and negative. The negative part of it is what has made the company become better as it able to improve on areas of client concern.

The communication complaint has been dealt with by use of GoToMeeting tool which allows clients and the company to go through the results they can both see. They have come up with a direct extension phone system that allows clients to have their contact persons upon signing up an email.

New improvements on campaign strategies seemed to be getting criticism from some clients. To handle this, White Shark Media ensured that it maximized on the use of the existing campaigns that worked better to some clients. In addition, they made sure that only those supervisors that were experienced steered the new campaign strategy until it became well understood.

Some clients had their customers coming through phone calls. To solve this complaint, the company partnered with Marchex so that their clients can be able to track those calls and the service is offered free of charge.

To enable clients to be able to track their AdWords performance, White Shark Media has installed call and conversion tracking systems to enable them to track their performance and make improvements where needed.

Since the company does not offer SEO services, it is in a position to redirect its clients to good SEO companies. It distinguishes good companies from bad ones for its clients to ensure that they don’t incur losses.

The transition from signing up to the optimization process is followed by the company’s senior SEM consultant. This way, it ensures that clients do not fall in the hands of the contacts that do not tune with their needs.

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