Stevie Awards rolls out red carpet for Securus Technologies

The 2017 Stevie Awards have culminated with a list of finalists that includes Securus Technologies. Throughout 2016, Securus continued to roll out its highly innovative suite of VoIP prison telecommunications products, including its much revered video visitation system. But the industry leader also continued developing and marketing a series of space-age technologies which give prison staff a hand up in the ongoing battle for order within institutional walls.



From Operation Enduring Freedom to the operation of your state prison


Securus Technology, through its experienced developers and deep understanding of prison management, has led the way in the adoption and repurposing of military technologies to the battlefields of the modern U.S. prison system. Highly organized gangs pose a bigger threat today than they ever have. Many of these groups operate with a military hierarchy and the same level of discipline and even training that one would find on Parris Island or at Ft. Bragg. These formidable foes call for serious tactics. That’s where Securus steps in.


One of its most startling technologies is the STINGRAY system. Developed on the urban battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, the STINGRAY technology detects cell phones and intercepts all mobile communications within a given radius, usually a couple of miles. This system has been adopted for use in prisons in order to combat the perennial scourge of illicit cell phones and the havoc their users wreak upon the institutions in which they operate. Illicit cell phones have been implicated in huge numbers of serious crimes, including the murder of civilians and staff while outside of the prison environment.


Through the use of cellular detection technology, Securus gives staff a tool by which they can completely eliminate the main means for these dangerous gangs to conduct their criminal enterprises from behind bars.


With these products, Securus continues to lead the way in making prisons safer and saving the lives of innocents.



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