Securus Technologies Recipient of 15 Corporate Awards in 2017 So Far

Securus Technologies was recently presented with many awards at the 9th Annual Golden Bridge Awards. These awards are among the 15 honors that the company has received in 2017 so far. The company won three Gold and two silver awards in different categories including Executive of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award (Women), Support Achievement of the Year, Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year and the Support Department of the Year. The awards are given to those companies who go beyond their duties to make the world a better place to live in.


Securus Technologies have been providing their services for a few decades now and are consistently improving their services to keep up with the growing technology. They also spend millions of dollars on research and developing new products to secure the prisons of the country and to provide the inmates with an opportunity to turn back their lives and live a normal life when they enter the community after their sentencing is over.


I have been a customer of Securus Technologies for a while now. I worked at a correctional facility and was one of the members of the team assigned to look into the technologies provided by Securus Technologies and to assess if it was right for the prison. I went to their Technology Center and saw their innovations first-hand. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed as there are not many companies who want to work towards making prisons secured for the community and also think about the well-being of the inmates. We straightaway introduced their calling facilities within a few days, and the installation process was simple and easy. We are also looking forward to adding their video visitation services within our premises as it would reduce the workload on us to a great extent.



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