Ricardo Tosto Looking after the Future of Law in Brazil

The name of Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a well-known among the legal community of Brazil. He has been practicing law for a few decades now and has many a vast number of contributions to the sector as well as to teaching and training future lawyers.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto received his higher education at the institution of Mackenzie Presbiterian University. Over the course of his career, Mr. Ricardo Tosto has come a long way. He started out the way any other law graduate starts out – working at a firm, doing their best to stay on top of their new responsibilities while also trying to learn and develop new skills. As the years progressed, Mr. Ricardo Tosto developed a broad set of competencies. He worked at many different law firms and institutions and learn more about Ricardo.

About ten years later, Mr. Ricardo Tosto had gained enough confidence and experience in the field of law in order to open a law firm as well. Leite, Tosto, and Barros AdvogadosAssociados were created by Mr. Ricardo Tosto and two other lawyers. The law firm grew steadily over the next couple of years. It grew so much that the company became the largest law firm in Brazil. These days Leite, Tosto, and Barros AdvogadosAssociados are on the forefront of its line of work and the names of the three collaborative founders of the firm are known throughout the legal community not only in Brazil but on an international level as well and more information click here.

Over the course of his career in the field of law, Mr. Ricardo Tosto has established himself as an expert. He has inevitably developed many skills as well. Mr. Ricardo Tosto specializes in implementing and enhancing legal strategies. He has been representing clients such as celebrities, executives, owners of large businesses, and the likes. Mr. Ricardo Tosto has also been actively involved in teaching interns at his company. He is keen on making sure that the future lawyers of Brazil receive education and training of the highest quality. His law firm has several programs that educate interns further and then hires or helps find work elsewhere and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

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