Revolutionizing Heath Care with InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is one of the leading providers of health care in North America. The health care provider has for decades provided health care through two primary avenues of care. The avenues include provider networks and Medicaid programs. The health care provider commits to providing quality health care to its patients. To achieve the best health care, InnovaCare has employed the use of the latest technology available in medicine. They have also come up with models and programs that have enabled the patients to receive care through cost effective methods.

Over the years, they have focused on establishing strong patient –provider relationships. This has been made possible by the redefined health care management practices employed by its staff. Moreover, they are driven by several values that have ensured patients are satisfied. Among the core values that drive the health care provider are; patient first, quality in the services provided, the growth of the organization, teamwork among many others. The health care provider is managed under the authority of the Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rick Shinto.

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Before joining InnovaCare, Shinto worked as the Chief Executive Officer and the head of Aveta Inc. Rick Shinto was also a member of the management team in the firm. He has an experience of over 20 years. The experience he acquired while in clinical and operational healthcare platform. He has taken several positions in his career. At Medical Pathways Management Company, Rick Shinto was the Chief Operating Officer. He also held the position of Chief Medical Officer at the same organization.

On the 28th of July 2016, Rick Shinto and InnovaCare announced that it had hired three executives in its workforce. The three officials were to be part of the leadership team. Penelope Kokkinides was among the three hired managers. She became the Chief Administrative Officer. Throughout her career of two decades, Kokkinides specialized in government programs. She also dealt with the managed care industry. Her knowledge and experience in coming up with clinical programs and the management of health care played a vital role in her employment. Before InnovaCare, she held the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at CenterLight Healthcare. At CenterLight, she was in charge of the management teams. She also advised on the direction to be taken by the division of managed care.

On August 2016, the health care provider announced that it was revolutionizing it payment methods by joining the Learning and Action Network. The LAN is a U.S health system that promotes payments models that are based on the quality of health care rather than quantity.

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