Reviewing The Achievements Of Don Ressler In Enhancing Entrepreneurship

Don Ressler, having launched a number of successful startups, is among entrepreneurs who have come up with solutions that are helping young professionals to understand the journey of entrepreneurship. He is responsible for the creation of different online stores that have developed and grown to serve several European countries and the American continent. His experience in past businesses and the challenges he has endured have shaped him to become a better decision maker.

He started his journey in entrepreneurship more than one decade ago when he founded The company specialized in the sale of fitness products and was among the first that was able to teach him about his strengths. After running the company for a year and few months, Don Ressler learnt a lot in the period and to advance to better ideas, he handed over to Intermix Media.

During this period, he came across Adam Goldenberg, whom they became partners in business. Adam is a focused individual who is also creative and motivated by his ideas. He is challenged by the need to achieve greater success and this explains the reason he has been able to work closely with Ressler to launch successful businesses.

The first ideal that came to their minds was to come up with a marketing firm for online businesses. That is how Alena Media was born and to their surprise, the company achieved tremendous success within two years after it was founded. This gave them motivation to do great things. In 2005, the duo sat and deliberated on the way forward and their answer was to sell Alena, which was acquired by News Corp the same year.

The objective of selling the company was to raise capital for a business that would serve a bigger market. In 2008, Adam and Ressler unveiled Intelligent Beauty, a company that has been offering beauty products to clients in different categories. It is one of the most successful online retails the duo has launched so far.

JustFab/ TechStyle Fashion Group

Founded in 2010, JustFab is one of the biggest investments Adam and Ressler have ever made. The company is unique since it allows users to use a subscription system that cost $29.95 monthly so they can receive custom services that enhance their shopping experiences. JustFab, currently referred to as TechStyle Fashion Group, has grown and become a stable online retail with presence in several European countries and the U.S.

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    Fashion and technology has made it incredibly easier to make the most profound impact in the business world and it can lead to more appearance. So that college essay will be seen in perspective, you can look at the work of the leader in Don Ressler. His success means that there is need to see TechStyle and JustFab as the brand that make the impact most.

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