Reasons why Copa Star is a One of a Kind Hospital

Copa Star has garnered a widespread reputation for being an exceptional hospital. This modern hospital is situated in Figueiredo Magalhaes Street in Rio de Janeiro. It opened its doors to the public in October 2016. This facility is nothing short of a smart hospital with a touch or refinement and luxury. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

Copa Star, premium medical facility, joins a network of medical facilities from D’Or. The hospital has a lobby that features some unique features, which complement the 5-star title. Some of these attributes include artwork from Yutaka Toyota, a famous Japanese artist, plush sofas and a grand piano. Additionally, the hospital hosts a restaurant within its walls. Roland Villard, the head chef of Sofitel, is the individual behind the restaurant’s menu. The image of the new private hospital can cause one to easily mistake it for a posh residential building or five-star luxury hotel.

The president of D’Or Institute, Jorge Moll, cited that the group’s goal was to develop the ultimate modern hospital in Brazil. As a matter of fact, he reiterated that D’Or Institute would create a redefined version of the five-star hospital both in terms of patient influx and equipment.

Medical Services

The R$400 million 5 star hospital will be devoted to neurology and cardiology. In fact, Copa Star indicated that it not only hopes to compete with but also surpass some of the top hospitals in Brazil. Some of these prominent hospitals in Brazil include Hospital SirioLibanes and Albert Einstein.

When it comes to medical facilities at Copa Star, nothing is left to chance. With about 21,000 square meters of space, the facility has nine operating rooms, 59 Intensive Care Units, and 155 patient suites just to name a few of the facilities. To add the icing to the cake, Copa Star has made a reputation for itself due to its top-in-line technology and equipment. Some of the equipment includes robotics, smart operating rooms, as well as a neurosurgery facility with diagnostic systems and MRI.


Copa Star has its customized application. At the head of each bed, there is an iPad. This device allows a patient to undertake multiple functions by themselves including calling the nurse, controlling lights and video conferencing with the respective doctor. On the other hand, doctors can utilize the iPad to display radiology exams to their patients.

The ICU location at Copa Star is isolated from the rest of the world. However, patients can still connect with the world through video technology. Patients in the ICU can see real-time images of the street through screens, which operate like windows. Additionally, patients can view real-time images of the nearest iconic beach. This has been made possible through cameras, which are mounted on the nine-story building of Copa Star.

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