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When you are talking about the principal of Diversant, what the first person that comes to your mind is John Goullet. To start with, John Goullet by himself is very well conversant with matters to do with IT. He is a professional in the field, and he is an entrepreneur. In this article, we will be looking to inform you more on this man and the principle of Diversant to be more specific.



How Diversant came to place?



In the IT sector, John Goullet using his entrepreneurial skills has managed to bring about a lot of successful ventures. When he started his professional career in 1994, he started as an It consultant. After some time, he switched to IT staffing. It is here that he founded a company for staffing IT, which was known as Info technologies. The company was responsible for providing solutions to over 500 companies in the country.



This company grew so fast that in 2010, John was able to merge his company with Gene’s DIVERSANT Inc. forming DIVERSANT LLC. It was then agreed that John would become the principal and hence the tag principal of Diversant. With his new position, he was able to continue with his passion for providing IT solutions.



John Gullet Wiki



After becoming the principal of Diversent LLC, John did not stop there. After he had managed to see his own company make money worth more than thirty million dollars in less than five years, he continued with the same passion as the principal of the newly merged companies. He uses this opportunity to assist other business in getting good professionals in the IT sector. For you to work for his company, you must be properly vetted by other qualified professionals in the industry. This ensures that only the best in the field are employed.






In the IT sector, John Goullet has done a lot in ensuring that the ever-growing field grows with the right talent and experts. His achievements speak for him. All the people that work in his company are qualified and have the ability to correctly fit in the society and its cultural skills.

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