Market America Convention 2017 Draws Thousands of Entrepreneurs

The annual Market America Convention 2017 was held in Greensboro, North Carolina. This marked the 25th anniversary for Market America and over 25,000 entrepreneurs from all over the globe showed up to help celebrate this huge event. Top celebrity special guests arrived to entertain the crowd of excited attendees and even showcase some of their read more »


Leadership of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal worked as the president and CEO of MDC Partners Network but later became the CEO of MDC Partners agency CP+B global being a new role for the office back in 2015. As a perfect person, she helped CP+B transform to a new company with a nibble and flexible entrepreneurship startup. Landing of the read more »

Equities First Holdings Australia

Equities First Holdings Australia has six facilities within four continents. It’s a financial institution, who specialize in stock-based and margin lending. It’s a safe and secure way to obtain the financial help that you are trying to achieve, with low interest rates. Equities First Holdings team of experts are able to offer you the best read more »

Felipe Montero Jens Highlights Public Private Partnerships In Brazil

Mayors across Brazil are now embracing the idea of public private partnerships reports Brazilian businessman, Felipe Montero Jens. Previously Felipe Montero Jens reported that state governments in Brazil would be allowing private businesses to provide sanitation services to residents. The hope was that the influx of private interest into the sanitation industry would improve the read more »

Evolution Of Smooth Lip Balm Review

The Evolution of Smooth Company, better known as EOS, has now come out with a new, crystallized, clear, organic, lip balm that has no animal products used in the making what so ever. They have kept the great round shape in the same holder that everyone loves with the new and improved type of balm, read more »

EOS Is Making Changes To Their Recipe and Shape With Crystal Clear Lip Balm

Are you tired of the same old chapstick? Are you looking for something new? If so, Evolution of Smooth is the change that you are looking for. The manufacturer wanted to create a product that was unlike anything else on the market. They opted to create the lip balm in a sphere form and not read more »

The Evolution of Smoothness: An EOS Lip Balm Review

Everyone loves soft kissable lips, am I right? For many of us lip care addicts, finding the best balm for the perfect pout can be a lifelong mission. Well, time to abort – because the new vegan crystal flavored balm by EOS has saved the day. This is the first 100% animal by-product free lip read more »

Lime Crime Will Own The Fall With Sensational New Hair Colors For Brunettes

In the past brunettes limited in the hair colors they could choose. Every color of the rainbow was available for blonds, but brunettes were left out. This has finally changed, and it’s all because of Lime Crime. The company has always had magnificent colors in their Unicorn Hair Collection, but now the brunettes finally have read more »

A Comprehensive Understanding of the Objectives of the Larkin &Lacey Frontera Fund and the American Immigration Council

For a long time, the United States has been at the forefront in championing for migrant, human and civil rights. This incredible endeavor and service to humanity are owed to the numerous organizations that have emerged in the country over the years. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia One read more »

A Review Of The Vegan Crystal Lip Balm From EOS

Those who stay clear of animal products in all of the beauty items that they purchase may have found themselves frustrated with the EOS brand before. This brand has many lip balm options made with good ingredients, but most of those products contain wax. The new Crystal lip balms from EOS are a fresh and read more »