Nick Vertucci, a Successful Real Estate Investor

Nick Vertucci is the CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, NVREA. NVREA is an educational program that seeks to educate real estate investors on challenges that are expected, and how to deal with these problems.


Born and raised in a humble background, Nick was okay until his father passed on when he was young. His mother being the remaining and sole breadwinner of the family, she had to work extra hard and for longer hours to supplement their needs.


When he was old enough, Nick Vertucci began working with computer parts. He sold them and earned his income this way. He enjoyed his job because being self-employed offered him a level of freedom that he liked. He could make decisions and resolutions without being swayed or feeling obliged to act a particular way.


Nick kept working until he met a friend who introduced him to real estate investment. He attended a three-day seminar and got inspired. This inspiration gave him a yearning for more, so he sought more lessons and workshops.


When he felt ready, Nick Vertucci plunged into Real Estate Investment. He has become a successful man over the years, and a millionaire. Because the beginning was never easy for him, he now educates people on how to avoid problems and challenges related to real estate investment. He helps individuals solve some of the common problems that they may face in their business ventures as well.


Nick believes that the past can never dictate your future. And if it surely did, then he would not be the man that he is now. He is the founder of NVREA. He started this academy and launched it in 2013 with the aim of providing solutions to problems faced when investing in real estate. Through NVREA, Nick seeks to save people a lot of trouble, and make them millionaires like himself. He teaches students of NVREA the system that made him successful. Several testimonials have proved that Nick’s system is the way to go.


Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy has since 2013, achieved its goals, and been of service to many people. With a strong cooperate team, it runs smoothly. NVREA also has a dedicated team of educators who attend to students across the nation. Nick holds and hosts several workshops in which he keeps on educating people.His past and present are a good and definite testimony that for anybody willing to achieve greatness, patience and skill are all it takes.

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