Markus Rothkranz on Intermittent Fasting

According to Markus Rothkranz, intermittent fasting has a large number of amazing benefits. It helps people lose weight, reverses Type 2 diabetes, makes you think more clearly, raises levels of Human Growth Hormone and testosterone, and improves sleep quality (even the type of dreams you have). It even decreases food cravings.

Rothkranz defines intermittent fasting as going without food for sixteen continuous hours day, eating only during the other 8-hour window. It lowers blood pressure and reduces LDL, the bad cholesterol. Your pancreas functions better and so do your mitochondria, giving you more energy. One of the reasons intermittent fasting has so many benefits is that it goes back to Paleolithic people. When they got up in the morning they didn’t immediately fry parts of a pig or pour milk on granola. To eat, they had to go out and hunt or gather. They had to exercise. Therefore, they got much of their exercise while in a fasted state. Most of them probably didn’t eat before halfway through the day.

Rothkranz advises going to bed on an empty stomach. 70% of your body’s energy goes toward digesting food. If your system has to digest food during the night, only 30% of you is sleeping. The other 70% of you is at work, which is why you wake up tired in the morning. Therefore, do not eat for several hours before you go to bed, and do not eat before noon.

When you eat, your body obtains sugar and energy from the food you’ve eaten for the next four to five hours. It will not touch the fat that is stored on your waist until there’s nothing else. That’s why most people don’t lose weight. They eat continuously, so their bodies just burn that for fuel. After newly eaten food is gone, the body uses stored glycogen in the liver and muscles. That lasts up to a few more hours depending on how active you are.

Therefore, your body won’t start burning stored fat for fuel until six to nine hours or so after your last meal. For most people, that’s not until the morning right before they get up, and then they eat again. Skip breakfast. Instead, exercise, forcing your body to burn more fat.

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  • Nathaly Mekhi
    September 7, 2017 - 9:22 am | Permalink

    Not this one time, I would have not though the least that fasting could be a strategy to help in body building at all. The day, will be used in making people try these methods and can really verify that it worked for them, then it could be like a fact. Logically the idea really look promising but in the end it needs really meals to be taken to supplement the body need.

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