Lime Crime’s Unicorn Queen Brings Vibrant Dyes To Her Equine Subject

Are you a mono-horned magical equine of unparalleled magnificence? Do you wish you could bring that incredible self out into the world instead of having to continue your existence with a drab mane? Then wait no more! Lime Crime’s Doe Deere has been working in her magical mane lab for 3 years to produce a semi-permanent dye that is as incredible as her candy-floss haired self! This is no plain hair dye for everyday ponies, but instead a magnificent rainbow of 13 colors, That’s practically 2 rainbow’s worth of colors, that’s just how awesome they are! We wouldn’t expect any less from a self-professed “Unicorn Queen” in displaying her loyalty and dedication to her magical equine subjects.


What kind of colors are there? Well mares and stallions, there’s a vivid pink for the baby girl unicorns and deep stone gray for those stallions that age just can’t touch. Want to combine a Fifth Element swirl into your mane? Not a problem! Try out the eponymous Leeloo in its vibrant orange! That’s a color that even Ruby Rod would be proud to be seen wearing, or maybe he’d prefer the super green of jello! Lime Crime has them all, and that’s just four out of the panorama of 13.


So what makes Lime Crime’s dyes special? Let’s start with the fact that they were manufactured by a Unicorn Queen! How many other dyes can claim to have a royal endorsement from the Queen of the magical one-horned horse? Doe Deere has been working to create this palette of semi-permanent colors that were good enough for her own royal mane, yet easy enough for even the youngest filly to apply to their manes. Even better, they come in two formulas, one that provides a full, pigment rich experience, while tint can be used to glaze light hair colors with a magical pastel shimmer.


Her majesty the Unicorn Queen knows that her noble subjects need to bring out their inner magical equine to be truly happy, but she also knows that times are hard. That’s why each bottle of these original colors comes at $16 a piece, cheap enough for even the youngest colt!

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