Lime Crime Will Own The Fall With Sensational New Hair Colors For Brunettes

In the past brunettes limited in the hair colors they could choose. Every color of the rainbow was available for blonds, but brunettes were left out. This has finally changed, and it’s all because of Lime Crime. The company has always had magnificent colors in their Unicorn Hair Collection, but now the brunettes finally have the chance to rock their hair color.

The goth phase has chosen the perfect time of year, the fall, to release the phenomenon of unicorn hair for brunettes. The Lime Crime brand is adding four additional shades to their collection, but this time the shades are dark, and awesome. The first shades rolled out were sensational, and bright. The new hues shout delicious, and dramatic.

The new colors feature Chestnut, a deep maroon, the dusty gray of Charcoal, the spooky purple of Squid, and Sea Witch, the evil green of a mermaid’s tail. All the shades are for full-coverage, and it was not an accident colors with such intensity were released. An Pinterest post about the brand said these dyes were meant to be used by brunettes, or girls with darker hair who wanted to be a rep for Team Unicorn. They succeeded because these shades are pure magic.

Imagine the look of Sea Witch when paired with a dark green fall coat, leggings, and spiked green shoes. Add a pair of decadent earrings and any girl will make an unforgettable statement. The deep maroon of Chestnut would be amazing with a short black skirt, boots, and a maroon top with flair sleeves. Purple rocks, period, and when paired with blue, black, grey, or white hair dye, it will stand out and say, watch out world, here come the brunettes. Squid was developed to make a bold, mystifying, and outrageous statement perfect for Lime Crime. There is no stopping Charcoal, this color is a classic, and will make any outfit nothing less than sensational.

Due to the possibilities of the new colors, fall takes on an entirely new meaning. It is about individual style, personality, charm, and is going to make the world take notice. The only problem is deciding which amazing color to choose.

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