Leadership of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal worked as the president and CEO of MDC Partners Network but later became the CEO of MDC Partners agency CP+B global being a new role for the office back in 2015. As a perfect person, she helped CP+B transform to a new company with a nibble and flexible entrepreneurship startup.

Landing of the American Airlines happened when Lori was the CEO of the company back in October 2015 and later caught the report away from TM Advertising which had worked with the airline for over 25 years. Before Lori left she touched on the issue, she had with the current Chairman of CP+B Chuck which was sketching a plan of her going when she joined as CEO in 2015.

Chuck porter explained and said the need for bringing Lori in the business and preparing for her departure was because they needed her brilliant and genius management and it brought more of what they expected, and it was a good thing. Lori was concerned about the people she left behind, and she did leave a message behind for them assuring them of a good future. She achieved more than expected. She never saw herself working or living in the United States. Her becoming a member in the KBS doors was not seen or expected. Being the president of McCann Newyork and later becoming a global CEO was never a plan in her life was honored to work for the firms. She adds that working with Chuck Porter was the best experience.

Lori worked with KBS as the president and CEO back in 2009. Her departure from CP+B opened doors to Dannielle Aldrich who had 14 years work duration in Burger King and an iconic client of CP+B. Her joining the company added more confidence to Lori as she left.

Who is Lori Senecal?

Lori Senecal is known for her creative brains as she has earned a degree from McGill University. From there she worked for McCann Erickson as the president. From there she raised brand names for firms like Xbox and coca-cola through developing best advertising methods. She is right in languages including French. She has an excellent sense of style and a productive talent. She is known to work at a place with all her might as it is in KBS where she leads and left it a global agency with over 800 employees. Follow her on Twitter to see more.


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