Josh Verne – The Successful Businessperson Who Strive to Inspire Other Men

Josh Verne is the founder and CEO of in 2016 and co-founded in 2012 with Paul Dumas, and Jon Dumas. He is a successful American businessperson and entrepreneur. Verne has worked as a co-president of the Home Line Furniture organization. is an online market environment, which deducts acquisitions from client payrolls. The organization was offering zero-percent financial services.


The payments could be paid in installments in 2, 4, 8 or 12 months. The payment arrangements could be made directly from payroll deductions or the customer’s bank account. The organization eliminates hidden fees, unfair interest rates and gives its customer financial freedom while purchasing high-quality products. In 2014, was sold off to Global Analytics Holding.


In 2016, Verne created is a Pennsylvania-based organization that offers peer-to-peer content exchanges among college students. Verne envisions that is a novel strategy for expanding electronic mail-based peer-to-peer exchange platforms among college students.


Verne works to help men overcome their ways and realize success through the acquisition of knowledge that centers of power, purpose, love and freedom. Verne is among a number of entrepreneurs who put passion and commitment to their endeavors. His over than twenty years of business experience has taught him that passion and commitment are the sure way to success.


Josh Verne teaches that vision is a unique gift that is not obviously present in all people. It involves demonstrating a high level of understanding and being highly knowledgeable in what you do.


Through his vision, he has seen the creation, growth and development, and sale of his numerous businesses. Shared passion and vision is the key to the realization of optimum human resource and talent functioning. Verne is a seasoned individual in development and management of human resources and talents.


In addition, Verne believes that business success is determined the capability of one or the organization to realize the greatest possible wins.


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