Inspiration from Nick Vertucci’s Success Story

Nick Vertucci’s life story is quite a phenomenon and encouragement to many people that are facing challenges in their lives. There are many lessons to learn from Nick such as your past should not have an effect on your future. For starters, Nick led a normal life like most people, surrounded by loved ones. However, life changed when his father passed on when he was ten years old. That meant that his dear mother had to provide for the family solely. As a result, she would come home late and just fall asleep. When Nick turned 18 years of age, he started living in his van. It was at this point when he started selling different parts of computers, and his life started to change for the better. What Nick Vertucci loved most about his job was the fact that he was his boss. At the same time, Nick married, and he and his wife had three daughters.


All was well until the year 2000 when the renowned dot com went down. At that time, he witnessed his finances go down the drain as he wasn’t saving up for the future. Interesting to note, for about one year and six months, Nick found himself drowning in more debt. It was at that point when one of his friends invited him to a training seminar on real estate. He was reluctant at first but later accompanied his friend. Nick admits that attending the seminar was the best decision that he ever made in his life. It was a turning point for him!


It was during the seminar that Nick Vertucci grasped the secret to getting out of his financial challenges. Despite not grasping everything that the speaker was saying, he was able to capture the answer to his problems. He instantly became encouraged and energized to make it. Nick continued to attend the training and study more which has enabled him to reach where he is today. It took him more than a decade to master the system that has come in quite handy for him in the real estate sector.


Nick believes in sharing his secret of success with others who are not successful in life. This has been made possible through his company known as Nick Vertucci Companies. Through his company, people are provided with various solutions to their real estate needs. The company has experienced trainers that educate people on all that real estate entails and equips them with ample knowledge and skills to be successful in the venture.

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