Igor Cornelsen: Experience Which Yields Dividends for Investors

Investing is a lucrative but very risky business. Successful investing requires the wisdom, insight, and financial savvy of an experienced professional. One such person is Igor Cornelsen.


Igor Cornelsen is a highly successful Brazilian investor, prominent retired banker, and a trusted financial and investing advisor. Igor leverages his decades of experience and knowledge of the financial industry to guide his clients with reliable advice to help them mitigate the risks inherent in the stock market and make intelligent investing decisions.


Igor has a many core principles which inform his investing philosophy and which he uses to guide his clients effectively and profitably. Here are some of them:


  • Make money, don’t lose money: Easier said than done. However, Igor helps his clients minimize risk and downside while maximizing potential profits. Investing is inherently risky but it does not have to be like purchasing a lottery ticket.
  • Diversify, diversify , diversify: Industries are often cyclical and have their ups and downs. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket and you will have a better chance of profiting handsomely from at successful industry in your portfolio.
  • There’s no better time to start than the present: You should have started yesterday but if you didn’t, begin today. The longer your investment horizon, the more time you have for your money to grow and the more you are protected from short term market volatility.
  • Get Advice: Realize that investing is very complex. There is much to gain from listening to an experienced and knowledgeable advisor who will guide your decision making, especially as you start out.


These are some of the simple but timeless pieces of advice which Igor has applied in his own investing career, and which he offers to his clients to help them succeed as well.


Avoiding enticing investing trends that are “all the rage,” and making sound and intelligent investments based on a business’ potential profitability, while taking a long term approach, can be a daunting challenge for investors. Igor Cornelsen is someone who can show you how to do it. https://about.me/igorcornelsen1


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