How Sweetgreen Has Managed To Attract a Large and Loyal Fan Base

Sweetgreen has been gaining a large fan base across the United States. Loyal fans of the eatery can only be compared to customers queueing for a new iPhone. Customers have shown up in large numbers and purchased salads no matter where they are. It is wise to get an insight on factors responsible for this rapid increase in customers. Sweetgreen is a food chain that aims at providing customers with tasty salads.


The firm has fully embraced technology and invented the Sweetgreen App to expedite customer transactions. Served clients provide a detailed description of the quality of salads on sale. The whole package consists of fresh lettuce, tasty dressing and crunchy cheese crumbles. Since its inception in 2007, the firm has successfully opened 40 stores in California and New York. Plans are underway to open new stores in Chicago and Boston.


Tips for Success

Ru credits location as a critical component for success in this particular business. For instance, the company strategically opened its first store at 28th and Broadway. Such a location was secluded from the clustered fast food chains along 23rd street. Such a venue ensured that Sweetgreen stood apart from media and tech companies in Nomad neighborhood. More importantly, it served as a safe haven away from the bustling lunch traffic.


Just like any competent enterprise, Sweetgreen adopts sophisticated principles essential for success. For instance, guests are greeted by a happy staff and clean tiles to promote a sense of belonging and proficiency.


Rather than informing customers on services rendered, Sweetgreen has constructed an open kitchen to promote viewing of each procedure used.


Ingredients used are sourced from Field Fresh Farms in Salinas, California. The company evaluates the potential of a constant supply chain before embarking on construction of new stores. They analyze crops grown in a particular field of choice, rather than requesting for specific crops. For instance, unused leaves of broccoli are purchased and blended into the salad dressing.


Up Close with Nathaniel Ru

 Nathaniel Ru serves as the company’s co-founder and co-CEO. A fresh graduate from Georgetown University, Ru partnered with his two friends to create a highly successful salad food chain. Ru credits his parents’ entrepreneurial background as a key contributor to starting his own business, rather than pursuing a white collar job. He has played a critical role in providing capital for the start up as well as raising $ 95 million through investment funding.


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