How Nathaniel Ru has Helped Sweetgreen Grow into a Healthy and Sustainable Restaurant

Nathaniel Ru is a devoted businessman and the co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is a seasonal restaurant chain that serves salads and sources locally grown ingredients and products for their menu.

Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, all graduates of Georgetown University’s Business school, partnered to establish Sweetgreen only three months after graduating from college in 2007.

The idea to start a restaurant came because Ru and his partners realized that Georgetown was in need of other healthy eating options. They, therefore, cooperated and opened a new eatery in town that offered nutritious meals.

All three come from families where parents are first-generation immigrants and also have businesses which they started from scratch. They realized their strength as a team when they survived a winter break together when all other students had gone home on vacation.

At first, they managed everything about the business. However, this later became a challenge as the company expanded and the need to find loyal and skilled staff arose.

The firm currently has over 1,700 employees and more than 70 outlets with a presence in seven states across the US with extension plans still underway. The co-founders shared a belief in five principles which guide the firm to date. Food should be able to fit your values, your tastes, your budget, your imagination and your community. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase and Sweetgreen Entreprenuers | Fortune

These principles promote authenticity, fairness, and sustainability of the business. Ru and his partners launched sweetlife, a famous food and music festival, in 2010. The event features top chefs, top musical artists and plenty to eat and thus it attracts thousands. The event leaves carbon neutral impact by embracing sustainability and good healthy living.

Sweetgreen continues to have long lines at its locations countrywide because the firm has committed to providing better food that is local, healthy, fresh and organic. High-end investors like Danny Meyer, Steve Case, and Daniel Boulud have all backed the widely successful food chain.

Technology is the core of the company with transactions through its website or mobile app standing at 30%. Ru and his partners do not believe in having big company headquarters.

Instead, the co-CEOs believe in the decentralization of personnel to their numerous locations in a bid to grow the company further. Five times a year, the company’s corporate office is shut so that everybody works in the restaurants where the customer is. Other eateries could learn a lot from Sweetgreen’s path to success.

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