How Nathaniel Ru Co-founded Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen; a salad chain with simple, seasonal, and healthy food, started as an idea of some Georgetown University students who faced a challenge finding healthy places to eat from. Six years after leaving school, the eatery that Nathaniel Ru and his friends founded along M Street is now farm-to-table restaurant chain with 21 stores.

Their reach includes Northeast’s major cities and suburbs like New York, Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia. With most of the ingredients ordered from local purveyors and farmers, the food is usually fresh and healthy.

The seasonal menu at Sweetgreen features over 300 farm produce with an all-year-round supply. The products are from organic farming that includes the use of conventional methods like integrated pest management. Read more:  Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and Sweetgreen | Wikipedia

While its produce and cheese is organic, antibiotic free, and local, its poultry is also humanely raised, cage-free, and fed with a vegetarian diet. Thus, Sweetgreen adheres to simple recipes with organic flavors and uses natural agave and sweeteners honey to add some taste.

Nathaniel Ru; the co-founder and co-chief executive officer at Sweetgreen earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University in 2007. He and two other Graduates established Sweetgreen as a fast casual seasonal restaurant with a focus on local sourcing and sustainability. Their first location was in the center of Georgetown, but they have grown the business to 27 locations in six states.

Ru and his colleagues came up with the idea to set up the salad chain after realizing that the community required eco-friendly, healthy, and delicious dining option. They passionately came up with a food chain that is suitable for their customers’ life, budget, imagination, tastes, and community.

In 2010, Nathaniel and his partners started Sweetlife; the largest food and music festival in the region. The event attracts more than 20,000 attendees and features high profile and experienced musical artists and food from qualified chefs, local purveyors, farmers, and food trucks.

Like their restaurants, Sweetlife emphasizes good living, well-being, health, sustainability, and community. Due to his commitment and innovative ability, Nathaniel has spoken in various conferences that have been featured by New York Times, Fox News, and the Business Insider.

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