How Much Exactly Has George Soros Gifted His Organization?

George Soros is infamous in the corporate world for his sharp wit and business acumen. In 1992, the dollar billionaire attempted one of the most prominent risks in the business of currency trading. He placed over $10 billion on a bet against one of the most prominent currencies, the British Pound. To the surprise of many critics, George Soros made a kill. He earned $1 billion within 24 hours and over $2 billion in the medium term. This wager earned the investment guru accolades in the global business community. They nicknamed him “the man who broke the Bank of England.” Over time, George Soros has grown to establish his name on Wall Street. He has taken the lead in various sectors such as hedge fund management, philanthropy, and activism.

Before George Soros made his breakthrough in the field of financial services, he knew that he needed to succeed so that he could help others. As a teenager, the businessman braced tough times in Hungary when his family had to flee their hometown because of war. Hungary had been occupied by Nazis, and Soros’ father had to craft bright schemes for them flee the war-torn country, and follow his Twitter.

George Soros acquired his knowledge in financial services by going through the London School of Economics. At the institution, he met some of the most serious minds in the industry including his philosophy don Karl Popper. Karl helped shape the billionaire’s critical thinking by introducing him to the philosophy of open societies. George Soros has a history of working with acclaimed banking and investment institutions such as F.M. Mayer and Arnhold & Bleichroeder.

Recently, George Soros buzzed the headlines when the Wall Street Journal reported that the billionaire had given out over $18 billion of his net worth to the Open Society Foundations. OSF is the philanthropy through which the billionaire administers humanitarian projects. Over time, George Soros has been quietly transferring a massive chunk of his wealth to the organization to a tune of $18 billion.

The Open Society Foundations boasts of a global outreach with its programs spread across different sectors of the worldwide economy. When Macedonia voted to secede from Yugoslavia, OSF moved in to help avert humanitarian crisis since Yugoslavia was working to stifle the young nation from taking off, George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

The main reason as to why George Soros believes in helping others is because more people with better education and sources of livelihood means that many will have a chance to participate in building their societies. The philosophy of open, accountable and just governments has been the biggest guide to George Soros in his journey to make the world a better place, and read full article.

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