Honey Birdette Works Hard to Succeed Fast

Honey Birdette was started back in 2006. It was started by two friends who were enjoying a glass of champagne and were tired that they couldn’t find lingerie that was more provocative as well as luxurious accessories for the bedroom. Honey Birdette offers women lingerie that is carefully detailed as well as toys that are high-end to be used inside the bedroom. Honey Birdette also has the ability to guide their customers through everything that they are seeking for pleasure within their bedroom.

The Honey Birdette boutiques are not only flirty but they also offer a playful and a sensual feeling with decor that is lush as well as champagne offered to customers. Customers are able to create their own custom boudoir experience. Offering massage candles, cuffs, leather crops, harnesses and even collars, Honey Birdette has the ability to change a customers bedroom!

Honey Birdette has had the honor of launching their US e-commerce site. They also have revealed their plans to grow their UK business and go from having three stores to having 40. Eloise Monaghan is the founder of the brand Honey Birdette. The US site was later launched due to the extreme success that the United States was having with their online sales. The goal of this new system is to better support customers. They are striving to offer their customers not only faster delivery but also free delivery for orders that are over $50. They also are striving to offer easier returns for their customers.

The very first Honey Birdette store was opened in Australia. There are now 55 different stores in Australia. There are currently ten more openings that are lined up to be opening in the United Kingdom, in addition to their goal of having 40 by the end of next year. They also are striving to open more locations in other parts of Europe.

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