Highland Capital is a global alternative credit management companies that are making waves with quite some accolades under its sleeve. They deal in credit strategies, long-only funds, hedge funds, distressed and special private equity, Collateralized loan obligations and separate accounts. The also provide alternative investments including emerging markets, long and short term equities as well as natural resources. The company’s target client base includes public pensioners, foundations, corporations, endowments, governments, financial institutions and high net worth individuals. Their main offices are in Singapore, New York, Sao Paolo, Seoul with the headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

The company has been instrumentals in quite some turnarounds including the S&P 500 which saw a triple profit growth after an equity fund from the Highland capital. The company being a major player in healthcare, Real Estate and Energy recorded their biggest ever profit. Highland Capitals’ credit competency helped the company make strategic investments that led to one of the best years ever as stated by the firm’s Chief Investment Officer, Michael Gregory.

The 14.8 billion worth company was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero in 1993 as a means of doing what the mainstream financial institutions could not do for investors all over America. The company has since grown to become a major economic player and participant in many charities. James is an ardent philanthropist who is no surprise that most of his investments are local seeking to improve the conditions of local investors. James Dondero recently announced a $1 million Challenge Grant from the company that would serve to finish the Family Place’s Capital Campaign worth $16.5 million. This was geared towards victims of violence and as well as a lifesaving shelter for the community. The Highland Capital Management has also grown to be a major employer with over 120, 000 jobs afforded across the globe.


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