Getting Fab with Fabletics

Getting Fab with Fabletics

Fabletics has taken the niche market of activewear and taken a revolutionary approach towards the way they market and sell their clothing. By offering fashionable, high-quality outfits that are on trend and comfortable thru a unique monthly subscription, they have demonstrated that they know what people want and they intend to deliver. The company is only four years old but has proven they have what it takes to succeed in an often-merciless market.


Fabletics partnered with actress Kate Hudson who is well known for her fresh, fearless attitude and embracement of an active lifestyle. The clothing, like Kate, is fun, trendy, flirty, and approachable. She has been hands-on in not only the design process but also in marketing and quality control (Ward, 2017).


Part of what makes Fabletics so unique is the way they sell their clothing. Rather than open a chain of stores or sell their items to larger retailers, they have taken the new approach of “reverse showrooming” where instead of browsing in a retail store and then making a purchase online for a lower price, clients can browse online on the website at any time. They are the first activewear company to offer a monthly membership subscription where for a flat fee you receive a new “athleisure” outfit. This method of out of the box thinking has helped them to be able to compete with large online retailers like Amazon (Armstrong, 2016).


The creative methods and excellent customer service at Fabletics have allowed them to grow consistently and gain faithful customers. In 2014 their growth increased by triple digits. From 2015 to 2016, the company grew by roughly 43 percent. Now, in 2017 they anticipate over $250 million in sales. With well over 1.2 million subscribed VIP members Fabletics saw an explosive retail growth of 644 percent last year alone. These figures further demonstrate that this is a business that’s here to stay (Ward, 2017).


In the current turbulent economy, many retailers are going bankrupt and closing stores. Fabletics has used a blend of excellent customer service, creative reverse showrooming, monthly membership techniques, and a hands-on approach by partner Kate Hudson to show that they are truly here for the long run. We’d like to invite you to spend a few minutes to take the Lifestyle Quiz to find out which Fabletics gear is best for you and see how this company is changing the face of activewear.




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