George Soros Makes Huge Return to Politics

The return of billionaire investor George Soros to the political ring is going to have far reaching implications, as we saw in the 2016 Presidential Election. George Soros made a name for himself as a politically savvy investor during the 2004 elections when he helped support Al Gore in his race against George W. Bush. After investing so much into Gore’s run George Soros decided to step away from political investing — until now. The rise of Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate was enough to get Soros into the ring, supporting long time friend Hillary Clinton.

George Soros and Hillary Clinton have a relationship that spans nearly 25 years so it wasn’t surprising to see the Hungarian born investor getting active again. Soros, at 85 years old, saw issues rising that made him return tot he ring to defend the Democratic party and the issues that he believes in. Soros has been a longtime progressive and one of the few ‘money men’ who can actually go toe to toe with famous RNC investors like the Koch Brothers. As a result Soros has become enemy #1 to most conservative pundits on

To help Clinton in her run against Trump Soros aided by donating $8 million of his own money into various parts of her campaign. While this number sounds huge it has to be put into perspective: throughout his investment career George Soros has earned almost $25 billion dollars on Soros didn’t just have his eyes on the President spot either as he donated to down ballot races and other progressive cards with equal passion and attention.

Political adviser Michael Vachon, who has worked with Soros for years, says that George “has been a consistent donor to Democratic causes”. Still, the times called for Soros to become even more active, according to Vachon. With so many issues that “George cares most about” on the table it was important that he got involved as much as possible. While Donald Trump outlasted Hillary Clinton in an ugly election cycle, the return of George Soros should offer some much needed optimism to the Democratic party.

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