Food Hacks

You might eat the same types of food every day, but you might be eating them wrong according to information discovered by Wengie. If your ice cream cone drips, then you’re not alone. It probably melts by the time you get half of the ice cream from the cone gone. An awesome hack is to add a large marshmallow in the bottom of the cone before adding the ice cream. Add berries on the sides of the cone to help keep the ice cream cold. The marshmallow will act as a sponge when the ice cream starts to melt.


You can flavor your drink in a fun way by pouring Kool-Aid into an ice tray. Use different flavors so that there is a variety in your drink. When the drink is frozen, you will have flavored ice cubes. As they melt, you will have a delicious and healthy drink instead of a soda. A skewer is a fun way to eat a variety of sliced fruits and vegetables. It’s pretty much fruit salad on a stick. Choose different colors for a rainbow. A grape on the end will help to keep everything in place. Blueberries and other round fruits will work as well. This is a fun treat for parties or a summer treat as it’s a healthy option and refreshing for the body. When you’re cutting an orange, cut the top and the bottom off before cutting an opening down the side. Use the opening to peel the orange apart to see sections.

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    Food has been married to fashion in an interesting way here and one can make the work possible in different ways. For projects can be opened to be the nest way to make the personality to be known more. This morning, I like that the good work that they do about hacks will save people’s time.

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