Finding the Right EOS Lip Balm for Your Taste

The wide variety of EOS lip balms for sale on the market make it difficult for users to choose between their many options. While this is indeed a challenge, it is a good one given the great quality products that EOS sells. Since the emulsifier in EOS lip balm is based on better oils like jojoba, coconut, and shea butter, they last longer, provide added protection from wind and climate related dryness, and help to provide Vitamin E to repair the lips. Using EOS is a great boon to your lips and can provide a much more enjoyable process than using other lip balms. Try visit this cool site,

Still, choosing a flavor is a real challenge given the wealth of options that they offer. One of the best ways to go about it is to choose a flavor category that you typically enjoy. EOS lip balm has a variety of flavors that are fruit based, mint based, have floral flavors, or are blends of flavors. The fruit flavored lip balms include choices like passion fruit, mint flavors are sweet mint and vanilla mint, floral flavors include honeysuckle honeydew, and flavor blends include summer fruit or raspberry pomegranate, browse products here.

Start with a flavor group that you want to explore and visit the EOS website for their available choices and begin making your way through them in search of your favorite. For me, the choice was honeysuckle honeydew which provided a light and airy floral flavor that was subdued and enjoyable to apply, without the overwhelming artificial flavor that competing lip balms use. In fact, honeysuckle honeydew tasted like nothing else I ever tried before, and in a good way.

Alternatively, you can try one of the EOS lip balm sample packs until you find the right flavor for your needs. Sampling flavors is a great way to find a useful flavor, and at a discounted price to their regularly priced balms.

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