Felipe Montero Jens Highlights Public Private Partnerships In Brazil

Mayors across Brazil are now embracing the idea of public private partnerships reports Brazilian businessman, Felipe Montero Jens. Previously Felipe Montero Jens reported that state governments in Brazil would be allowing private businesses to provide sanitation services to residents. The hope was that the influx of private interest into the sanitation industry would improve the services and lower their costs.

It is interesting, notes Felipe Montero Jens that many of Brazil’s biggest city mayors are now calling for public private partnerships in their administration of the cities. Some of the mayors claim that they have an obligation to see that their administration is as efficient as possible with the use of public funds. Other mayors have pointed out that they want to make their services more effective.

A common theme behind these mayors is the idea that allowing the private sector to provide services to residents of their cities can help them achieve that goal. It is no surprise that some of Brazil’s government services have been ineffective or inefficient. Private business can change this through the use of new technology and new management practices. More effective management of sewage for example, can save city governments significant sums of money. It will be a win for the city administration, a win for the residents and a win for the private sector who is now employed.

Felipe Montero Jens is regarded as being an expert in the subject of public infrastructure projects. He has been educated at one of Brazil’s top academic institutions, the Fundao Getlio Vargas. In addition, Mr. Jens has a masters degree in business from Arizona State University in the USA.

Mr. Jens has worked in a variety of job positions. They include working in project management, financial auditing and corporate financing. His background in business, finance and management make him an authority on public private partnerships and their impact on Brazil’s infrastructure and public finances.

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