Eric Pulier and His Passion

Eric Pulier is an individual who has successfully combined innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, as well as governance and leadership in the actions that he has taken to help individuals all over the world in even the most impoverished regions over the past several decades. Eric Pulier has dedicated his successful career to building technological innovation in poor regions all over the world through the opening of new markets. Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur who believes that markets are the best way to create an incentive for economic growth. Not only do individuals have access to technology, but the suppliers have a monetary incentive. Though Eric Pulier admits that the cost is expensive to begin with, a proper investment into small and local technological businesses will drive down the cost and made technology available at an affordable price. Eric Pulier believes that innovation and technology are the key components to economic growth.


Eric Pulier has dedicated over 20 years to the business of building technology and selling his innovative ideas. What makes Eric Pulier so special is the fact that he uses the revenue that he has gained from his businesses and he uses the revenue to fund even more businesses. Rather than just giving away money, Eric Pulier wants to make sure that it is not just money that is the incentive, but rather an advancement in knowledge and an advancement in the number of small businesses. Eric Pulier is known as one of the best venture capitalists and has even impressed world leaders such as Bill Clinton and Al Gore.


One of the biggest initiatives that is close to Eric Pulier is the initiative of healthcare because Eric Pulier believes that it is the right of everyone to have access to free healthcare rather than it being an expensive luxury that can only be possessed by those with a higher income. Eric Pulier believes that the access to medicine is a right and should not be so expensive. He believes that he can save millions by making quality visits to the doctor or to the hospital a priority as well as no longer an expense.

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