EOS Is Making Changes To Their Recipe and Shape With Crystal Clear Lip Balm

Are you tired of the same old chapstick? Are you looking for something new? If so, Evolution of Smooth is the change that you are looking for. The manufacturer wanted to create a product that was unlike anything else on the market. They opted to create the lip balm in a sphere form and not the usual tube of lip balm.

Not only did they decide to make it in a different shape but they also decided to create new flavors to choose from. Before EOS, the normal flavors were plain, vanilla and cherry. That was if you were lucky enough to find them. Now, EOS has made a variety of different flavors and each color and pattern is a different type of lip balm.

When EOS decided to make something new to sell, recently they decided to create the crystal clear lip balm, you may order it here on amazon.de. The new product is not only clear and see through but it is also a different shape than their usual sphere. The new sphere contains a triangle shape which causes the lip balm to show an appearance of a gem.

Not only is the crystal clear lip balm in a new shape and new color, the lip balm is a completely different recipe, click here. One problem that some people had with the recipe being used was that it is not animal friendly. The new recipe changes that by removing the bees wax, the recipe now becomes vegan free. The new recipe has incorporated essential oils into the recipe to create more moisture for your lips.

According to evolutionofsmooth.com, the new recipe contains oils from avocado, coconut as well as shea butter. These ingredients are essential in making sure your lips stay moisturized while making them taste good. Most other lip balms contains ingredients that do not taste good and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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