EOS Crystal Lip Balm is Stunning

EOS has long had a product that is easily definable from the appearance of the product itself. EOS lip balm is uniquely shaped in an orb like shape, with bright and pastel colors, and stands out both on store shelves for its appearance and in customer’s minds for the quality of the ingredients and lip balm. Customers can identify it from quite far away.

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EOS has always been about the quality of their ingredients as opposed to just a gimmick package, head over this site. They have all-natural and organic ingredients in their lip balm and it contains no fake artificial flavors that impact the taste of the lip balm. For customers, this dedication to quality is what makes EOS so special.

EOS announced that they have released in August 2017 EOS Crystal lip balm which is a new vegan lip balm that contains five quality oils such as coconut and sunflower and is wholly wax free. The lack of wax prevents the waxy feeling that people get when they use their lip balm, and EOS clearly delivers.

To roll out this product, EOS is starting with two brand new flavors vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach. Both have never been released in an lip balm before and greatly compliment the other flavors that EOS currently is selling. EOS is sure to be releasing additional flavors under this EOS Crystal line soon so stay tuned for more to come.

The applicator for Crystal is less round and easier to place on a stand. The lip balm is completely see through which is unique in the industry as ell.

You can pick up EOS crystal in any retailer that you have traditionally bought lip balm from. You can also find the Crystal line for sale at the EOS website, evolutionofsmooth.ca. The retail price is five dollars a tube, and fully worth it, purchase here at http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm.


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