Entrepreneur Arthur Becker’s Latest Real Estate Investment

Arthur Becker is a notable New York City investor. According to Crunchbase.com, over his career he has specialized his investments in Biotechnology, Infotechnology, and real estate. His investments, in real estate in particular, have paid off for him as he has invested in a number of luxury developments around New York City.

In a report by therealdeal.com, Becker’s latest investment is in the extraordinarily exclusive neighborhood of Sullivan Street in the Soho district. In exchange for his investment in the 16 story condo that is being built on the street he has become the owner of three adjacent townhouses that are worth an estimate of $29.4 million. His plan is subject to change but he currently plans to live in one of the townhouses and either rent or sell the other two for a profit. The properties are top of the line in luxury featuring 6,500 square foot townhouses with plenty of comforts such as panoramic views of the city, a discreet entry, and a 24-hour doorman. The properties have a monitored and integrated camera and security system, fitness center, and take great advantage of natural light. Each townhouse is 25 feet tall and features such amenities as an automation system, private elevator, backyard garden, exercise room, and oil-rubbed Danish oak floors. The bathrooms of the townhouses have Dolomite marble flooring and walls as well as a freestanding Metro “Tribeca” tub which is based on Italian and French classical architecture.

Arthur Becker has invested in over 4000 apartments throughout New York City and plans to add onto that in the coming years. Becker has stated that real estate investing is a solid choice in building wealth as it is a more reliable way of garnering returns versus other investment choices. This is especially so in New York City as the city continues to attract people at an astounding rate. Becker especially believes in owning apartments as many people moving to New York City are Millennial who prefer renting over owning a home. Becker is reportedly looking at other luxury properties around the city to purchase for the purposes of renting out and then selling for a profit at a later date.

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