Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Finds Success In The Family Business Environment

The work of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been extremely impressive since the President of the Brazilian media group; RBS made his way back to his home country and embarked on an ambitious series of updates to the company. The RBS Group has been in the hands of the Sirotsky family since the 1960s when Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho established the brand in a bid to create a successful TV, radio, and newspaper empire in the Rio Grande du Sol region of the country; In an article on Estadao, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda is the third generation of the family to head RBS and that honor obviously weighs heavily on the shoulders of the Harvard School of Business graduate.

Although Duda has sought new and innovative ways of expanding the Sirotsky family’s range of business interests he has always been mindful of the fact the company remains a family business with many traditions that need to be honored. In a bid to make sure the ethical aspects of the RBS Group retain their family based traditions Duda has looked to his former school at Harvard and the work of family business expert Professor John Davis to plan effective strategies for maintaining the success of the RBS Group without losing a view of its impressive history.

In a bid to set the minds of all the employees at the RBS Group at ease Duda Melzer has been seeking to keep them informed of the ambitions and goals set out for the company on a regular basis; Duda has held meetings with journalist groups eager to discover the plans of RBS for its newspaper group that is looking to expand into a more digital based future. Duda Melzer has been showing how digital platforms are set to play a major role in the work of the RBS Group in the coming decades.

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