Dr. Walden Pays Homage To Her Childhood

Childhood is an important time in life. This is often when people realize that their personalities and worldviews have been formed. A good foundation is something that allows people to reach for the star. This is certainly true for Dr. Jennifer Walden, one of the nation’s leading plastic surgery specialists. As someone who grew up in a large family of five, she is well aware of how this has helped her to become the happy professional that she is today in her life. She is aware that such a loving childhood meant that she was free to feel confident that she could do anything she set her mind to no matter what it was. She knows that her loving mother offered her the foundation she could on as she grew and began to think about her career.


Leaving Austin


In order to become a doctor, she needed to leave her home and gain the education that would serve her well. This led to her to an education at the University of Texas where she chose to major in the field of biology. While here, she did very well in this field. After her college graduation, she began a path that would lead to her to world of medicine and a career in helping people via the use of surgery. He training was intense and hard but she persevered at it and rose to the top of her field quickly.


Coming Back


After Jennifer training was complete, she realize that she wanted to come back where she had been raised. Her mom and her siblings have been happy to welcome her home to this large and loving town where she can draw on her numerous family connections as she raises her sons. She knows she is capable of offering special services, in turn to all those living here, allowing them to find a world class doctor right in the heart of Austin and devoted to the entire community. They know that she will offer them help that is based on her many years of true excellence in the field of medicine.


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