Don Ressier Discusses Innovative Nature of Fabletics

Don Ressier, one of the founders of the popular fashion and fitness brand, Fabletics, was recently featured in a business article describing the many ways that Fabletics is impacting the fitness consumer industry. In the article, Ressier discussed the founding and beginning development of the Fabletics brand. He also discussed the details of the company’s present branding structure and the direction the marketing department may be taking in the future. Ressier expressed his enthusiasm that Fabletics continues to grow and serve the athletic and fitness community in actionable ways.


Ressier began the interview by discussing the founding and development of the Fabletics brand. Fabletics was developed in July of 2013 in a collaborative effort by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldberg, and Don Ressier. Although Kate Hudson was included in the company’s launch to add celebrity appeal, Adam Goldberg and Don Ressier were responsible for developing the goals of the company and executing its strategy. Ressier stated, during the interview, that he developed the concept for Fabletics after gaining tons of insight about fitness and athletics consumers during his time as the executive and developer of the online fitness community, Fitness Heaven. After coming to the understanding that there were serious needs in the fitness community there were not being met, Ressier approached Adam Goldberg about launching a new company marketed to athletic women.


Ressier stated that the main problem that he and Adam Goldberg experienced when developing the new Fabletics platform was that the brand needed to be marketed specifically to busy women in the 25-50 age range. When Ressier developed the idea for a platform that would combine athletic wear with leisure wear, he knew that the platform would be profitable because no other athletic company was specifically marketing to this demographic of women. Don Ressier and Adam Goldberg then decided to ask Kate Hudson to join the Fabletics team as a partner, in an effort to make an appeal to women who would purchase Fabletics merchandise. This turned out to be a brilliant move, according to Don Ressier.


Both founders of Fabletics agree that the company has become so successful primarily due to Ressier’s ability to find a lack in service to a certain demographic of people and Goldberg’s ability to develop successful marketing strategies for this group of people. Ressier stated that Fabletics will continue to develop innovative marketing strategies and make massive strides to serve their athletic customers.

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