Don Ressier and Adam Goldenberg Discuss the Unique Qualities of the Fabletics Brand

Don Ressier and Adam Goldenberg, the founder and developers of the Fabletics line of athletic and leisure wear, have recently discussed the company’s future as they prepare to launch a fall line. The founders expressed their delight that Fabletics is continuing to be recognized as a fashion and athletic wear powerhouse in terms of production and retail sales. Both Ressier and Goldenberg are amazed with the progress that the Fabletics team has made. Goldenberg stated that the company’s growth and expansion to new markets occurred specifically because of the combination of marketing expertise and business knowledge that each co-founder brought to the table.


Fabletics’ Rise To Success

After working together as business partners at a marketing company called Intermix, Don Ressier and Adam Goldenberg decided to develop a company that would target working women who made the attempt to work out or participate in outdoor activities at least twice a week. As a previous developer of a successful fitness startup, Don Ressier understood the community that they planned to target with their products. Until the development and subsequent launch of the Fabletics platform, athletic wear was primarily marketed to sports players and serious athletes. Ressier noticed that a large number of average, working females also participated in light to moderate exercise on a regular basis and that these women were not being represented by the fitness wear industry.


Unique Qualities of the Fabletics Platform

After pointing out the lack of attention by athletic wear companies given to average, fitness loving women, the founders of Fabletics became consumed with work to launch a platform that would specifically serve this community. The business venture was funded through a venture capital firm called Matrix Partners. This venture capital group had worked with the pair of founders in their previous business ventures and were familiar with the stellar reputation the gentlemen had in the startup community. With the project fully funded, Ressier and Goldenberg were free to focus on the marketing and integrative aspects of the fashion platform. Within a year of receiving funding for Fabletics, the company’s founders had used celebrity branding, unique sales platforms, and the fashion expertise of industry experts to build a sales category that had not existed before. Fabletics was an instant hit with the market that the founders had initially targeted. Women who participated in fitness activities on a routine basis enjoyed the fact that the company allowed them to choose customized, versatile looks.

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