Cute and Quirky Beneful Commercials

Beneful is one of the leading dog food brands on the market. While Beneful offers a variety of options, it also appeals to its customers through its adorable advertisements.

One well-known Beneful commercial titled “Dinner for Two” features a dog describing his favorite thing to do with his owner. Speaking as if they are a couple, the dog explains that after two years together, his owner and himself still love to sit down to dinner together. He boasts that he gets to eat a healthy bowl of Beneful while she eats only a cheese stick and crackers. He concludes by asking, “Can you believe what some people put in their bodies?”

Another popular commercial, “The Wrestler”, features a dog wondering how his Beneful Healthy Weight could be low-calorie and taste so good. He explains how nutritious Beneful dog food is and how strong he has become from eating it. He then looks at his owner and thinks to himself that his owner will see how strong he is when they wrestle later.

With their quirky commercials from a dog’s point of view, Beneful manages to show the bond between owner and pet while also showcasing the benefits of dog food brand.

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